Iniciativa de colaboración para la información sobre la prevención y control de la leishmaniosis

Leishmaniosis prevention and control should include novel communication strategies that must be easily accesible and would include new advances in the knowledge of the disease. Recently, other animals different than dogs have been described as competent reservoirs of Leishmania, playing an important epidemiological role in recent outbreaks in Europe and Asia. At the moment, most of the information available is fundamentally devoted to humans and dogs, and there is no a global approach to the disease, taking into account all possible reservoirs. is an initiative of the VISAVET Health Surveillance Centre (UCM), the National Centre of Microbiology (ISCIII), the Animal Protection Centre (Madrid City Council) and the Directorate of Public Health (Regional Government of Madrid). This project launches the possibility of collaboration with other research centres, feeding the site with updated information on this disease.

6th World Congress on Leishmaniasis

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